Ljubljana has a multitude of excellent restaurants and interesting dishes to try out when staying in a holiday apartment. You’re sure to have many memorable meals during your visit to this magical city though we’re convinced that none will come close to that of our Ljubljana Chef’s Dinner.

This unique event is luxurious yet affordable and offers far more than just a meal. It’s an entire experience!

Who are the Chef’s?

The chef’s come from some of the best restaurants in Ljubljana so you can be assured of the best quality dishes.

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Ljubljana Chef’s Dinner

We’re really excited to offer the Ljubljana Chef’s Dinner to all our guests staying in any of our Fine Ljubljana Apartments. You can have a top class chef from one of the city’s trendy restaurants come in to the apartment in which you’re staying and prepare dinner for yourself and your group.

What’s more, the dinner will be prepared right before your eyes so you’ll have the chance to see an experienced chef in action and have the opportunity to ask questions and to pick up cooking tips.

There is an excellent menu to choose from and you have the option to have 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses. Obviously menu choices need to be made before the evening because your chef and his staff will need time to buy the freshest ingredients.

They will bring the ingredients to your holiday apartment, prepare, cook and serve the food all the while engaging in interesting conversation about the recipe choices and cooking techniques.

What is the menu?

Our Chef’s Dinner menu has been carefully selected to provide a wide choice of dishes that includes local specialties and Slovene favorites.

There are at least three options to consider for each of the six available courses. The courses are: Cold Starter, Soup, Warm Starter, Fish Dishes, Main Dishes, and Lolita Sweets, and you can choose any combination for your group of between 3 and 6 courses.

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Smoked Goose breast with orange and fresh arugula

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Fennel soup with fresh ginger

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Onion cake and vegetables

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Beef ramsteak in a cabernet sauce with dried tomatoes and polenta

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Hazelnut cake with Piedmont hazelnuts and chocolate flakes


Smoked Goose breast with orange and fresh arugula

Tuna carpaccio with baby spinach and salt flower

Beef carpaccio with parmezan crust and refreshing salad

Chicken pâté with buttermilk bread and truffle oil

Tuscan prosciutto with marinated olives and aged Gauda cheese


Carrot soup with fresh orange juice

Fennel soup with fresh ginger

French onion soup with crispy bread

Pumpkin soup with a touch of pumpkin seed oil

Chestnut soup with cappuccino foam


Risotto with zucchini and shrimps

Homemade »Idrijski žlikrofi« – filled pasta in a creamy sauce

Saffron risotto with scampi

Risotto with porcini mushrooms and beef slices

Spinach noodles with prawns and porcini mushrooms


John Dory fillet with truffles puree and balsamic reduction

Baked sea bream fillet with herb risotto

Sea bass fillet au gratin alla Mediterranean


Veal medallions with porcini mushrooms and homemade cheese dumplings

Beef ramsteak in a cabernet sauce with dried tomatoes and polenta

Tenderloin fillet with sauce, onion cake and vegetables

Florentine turkey roulade in mascarpone sauce and carrot puree


French cremeschnitte with fresh raspberries

Vanilla cake with chocolate and hazelnut pound

Creamy cheese cake with fresh blueberries

Gluten-free chocolate cake with orange and anise

Hazelnut cake with Piedmont hazelnuts and chocolate flakes

Who are the Chef’s?

The chef’s come from some of the best restaurants in Ljubljana so you can be assured of the best quality dishes.


Chef Igor Jagodic has been the chef of the Strelec Restaurant since December 2012 and in this position he has been awarded the Five Suns by the Nedelo Newspaper and achieved first place in the Ljubljana Quality Selection.

Igor started as a cook in the protocol service, Brdo, before moving on to bigger and better challenges. He spent time abroad, honing his culinary skills and experience working in NOMA Restaurant in Denmark, and in Schlosshotel Lerbach and Gourmet Restaurant Lerbach in Germany.

Between 2006 and 2010 he was a member of the Slovenian national chef team and he has won two silver medals at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt. Before becoming chef of the Strelec Restaurant, Igor made his name in three of Lake Bled’s hotels.

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When asked what four things Igor would take to a desert island he replied, “A barbecue, fishing rod, bottle of wine, and my wife”. What a great answer!

If Igor is your chef for the Chef’s Dinner experience, you may hear Metallica’s version of Whiskey in the Jar playing in the kitchen. Apparently this is a song he likes to play to get his kitchen team motivated.

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Chef Anže Gombač

The towering height of Anže is probably the first thing you will notice about this sought after chef. He actually was a professional basketball player while today he is one of the best, and the best known, chefs in Slovenia.

He has cooked for many famous names including US President Bill Clinton, the King of Sweden, the King of Spain, and all the defense ministers of the European Union.

Anze has rubbed shoulders with British chef Gordon Ramsay and French chef Alain Ducasseom, and is lucky to have picked up some great culinary tips from both.

Chef Julijana Krapež

Julijana has been a contestant on the famous Slovene show “Gostilna išče šefa”. Her culinary career began as a cook’s assistant in Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Dvorec Zemono before being promoted to chef in Gostilna pri Šefu. Today she is cook in the Strelec Restaurant, alongside Igor Jagodic, and has been here since July 2013. In this position she was awarded the Five Suns by Nedelo newspaper and came 1st place in the Ljubljana Quality Selection.

When not creating her newest culinary delight you’ll find Julijana out exploring new countries, discovering new places and cultures and taking on new cooking challenges abroad while at home she loves motorbiking and keeping fit, whether that’s skiing, climbing or surfing.

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Chef Borut Centa

Borut is one of the best chefs in Slovenia, today working in Element Restaurant.

He brings decades of experience to our Chef’s Dinner having studied under Slavko Adamlje and collaborated with John Perdan – Johnny and Janez Lenček. He further improved his knowledge with Andrej Goljat.

What Does a Chef’s Dinner Cost?

Considering that the Ljubljana Chef’s Dinner is such a unique experience, we feel that the cost is very reasonable. The price is calculated depending on the size of the meal (the number of courses you choose) in addition to the chef’s time spent preparing the meal. You can also opt to have a waiter, the cost of which depends on your beverage choices (see below).

Price for the Meal:

3-Course Menu – 22€ per person

4-Course Menu – 27€ per person

5-Course Menu – 31€ per person

6-Course Menu – 39€ per person

Please Note: You may make your choices from the menu, but guests may only choose one combination of dishes for all guests, i.e. you cannot mix and match the different dishes.

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Price for the Chef:

All of our chefs charge 15€ per hour, except for Igor Jagodic who charges 20€ per hour.

It is difficult to say how many hours a chef will need as it depends on the number of guests and the number of courses you choose to have. As a guide, the minimum would be 2 hours and a maximum we would expect to be around 5 to 6 hours. Of course this also depends upon guests’ specific wishes.

Price for a Waiter:

If you really want to sit back and relax and enjoy a service usually reserved for dining in restaurants you can choose to have a waiter serve you. Parties who are purchasing wine from the Kaval Group wine list will be entitled to have a waiter free of charge. If you are providing your own beverages you will pay 12,5€ per hour for the waiter.

We want the Ljubljana Chef’s Dinner experience to be tailored to your exact wants and needs so it is our aim to be as accommodating as possible.

That being said, because of the nature of this unique culinary event our chefs do need some advance notice to prepare, and of course there is the chance that dates during the peak season will become sold out.

We strongly suggest that if you are interested in having a Chef’s Dinner you inquire at the same time as making your Ljubljana holiday apartment reservation.

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These complimentary cakes provided a tasty finale for this Danish family celebrating a birthday.

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