Why you should consider our Ljubljana Apartments

When you come to our charming city of Ljubljana, you don’t have to stay in one of those ordinary hotels that you could find in almost any city in the world. Instead, I invite you to experience the real magic of our city by renting one of our apartments we’ve designed just for you.

Who We Are

My name is Alenka and I’m the head of an architecture studio based here in Ljubljana. I’m a passionate building designer who calls Ljubljana home. Because my family and I live in the city center and know what aspects illustrate the true heart of Ljubljana, our team can design buildings that reflect what is traditional and beautiful about the city without sacrificing modern features and practical additions.

Our studio has created Ljubljana buildings for business, for public use, and for residential areas, but one of our favorite projects is to find old homes and apartments within the center of Ljubljana which are in need of some loving care. With our talented team, we are able to restore these structures to their original beauty and to make them true treasures to be admired and enjoyed, particularly by travelers to our capital city Ljubljana.

Why Choose Our Apartments

I know I may be biased, but I truly believe our Ljubljana apartments are superior to anything you’ll find in the hotels and rental apartments of the area. If you come to this fairy tale city, you want to really become immersed in the feel and environment of it. You don’t want to spend your day admiring the sights of this historic city just to go to a modern hotel that lacks any real personality.

Not only will you find that our apartments are a beautiful place to stay while you’re visiting our city but you’ll also find they are perfectly designed to meet the needs of our travelers. Because our team of designers travels a great deal, too, we are able to take our knowledge of what it’s like to travel to new places and incorporate that into the apartments we remodel for you.

Stay Longer

If you’re worried about spending too much time in Ljubljana because dining out at every meal may be too pricey, don’t be worried. You’ll have a place to stay that will feel like home where you can relax without the stuffiness of a hotel. Plus, the apartments have all of the conveniences of home so you can even enjoy meals together as a family without having to spend a fortune on dining out.
You can also have a more leisurely vacation in our lovely city, rent a bike in Ljubljana and discover even more of the city, or explore other parts of Slovenia and Europe using Ljubljana as your base. After your excursions, you’ll have a cozy and comfortable retreat to enjoy and recuperate.

So if you’re planning a visit to Ljubljana, get in touch with us and let us connect you with an ideal apartment for your stay.

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