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Nomago is a transit company and the largest Slovenian travel organization. They own over 700 buses that cover 500 different routes throughout the country making transit available to 10 million
passengers yearly.

Nomago’s transport options include buses, shuttles, e-bikes, taxis, and private transportation.

At Fine Ljubljana Apartments, we strive to provide our guests with everything they need during their
stay with us which includes getting to and from their accommodation, as well as getting around Slovenia and the region.


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Do you need a transfer to and from a nearby airport or to sights in Slovenia? Click on the link below to secure a spot. The prices for different destinations are stated below.

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For Shuttle Reservation Click Here

The price for shuttle transport from the main
Slovenian airport Jožeta Pučnika to Ljubljana
city is 12€/person.

If you need shuttle transport to and from other nearby
airports, please send an email to

Please specify your destination, date, timetable, number of
passengers and your status as a FLA guest.

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