Why Stay in One of Our Apartments in Ljubljana?

It's simple, really.

Our apartments in Ljubljana offer higher value and a unique, memorable and more personal experience of the city compared to a hotel room or any other type of accommodation.

There are many advantages of choosing one of our apartments for your stay in Ljubljana. Here are some of them...

Great location. Closer to the city center you look for a hotel, the more expensive they get. Fortunately, you don't have to compromise location for a price. With our apartments in Ljubljana you'll get both -- great location in the city center and a great price.

More room. Depending on the apartment you selected, you can enjoy twice or even three times the space of a standard hotel room for the same price. This is especially valuable for people who require extra space for meetings or to accommodate an extended family. It is also greatly appreciated by those travelers and businessmen who need some "breathing space" but are not willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of euros (or dollars) per night for a hotel apartment.

Lower price. Our apartments in Ljubljana are cheaper than hotel rooms of equivalent standard. (Yet they provide significantly more value and comfort). Because apartments are more spacious, they can accommodate more guests. And more guests means lower price per guest.

Friendly customer service. We only rent our own apartments in Ljubljana. There is a reason for this -- it's how we can guarantee the quality of the apartments and the quality of the services to our customers. We encourage feedback from our guests and implement many suggestions that we receive. If apartments were owned by other owners such improvements and upgrades often wouldn't have been possible.

Top quality apartments. All our apartments are centrally located and thoroughly renovated old town Ljubljana apartments in historic buildings. These are not apartments whose owners moved out, hired a cleaning service and then put properties on the rental market. All our apartments have been completely redesigned, renovated and refurnished to meet specific needs of vacation and business travelers visiting Ljubljana.

Functionality and design. Apartment renovation projects were designed and led by an experienced architect (and a frequent apartment user herself). Alenka creates such design solutions that maximise the footage and volume of the apartment, increase natural lighting, reduce outside noise and restore historic features of the place and the building itself. She personally selects the materials, colors and furniture that best fit an individual apartment and often consults with other interior designers in the company in search for an optimal solution. The design and renovation team pays attention to every little detail so that our guests can enjoy their stay in Ljubljana in comfortable, romantic and functional apartments.

Computer with high speed Internet. Not just an Internet wall socket, you'll find a powerful computer with broadband Internet and at least 22" LCD monitor in every apartment you chose for your stay in Ljubljana. Unlike hotel Internet corners or Cyber Cafes there are no additional charges for this service and, of course, no waiting lines or operating hours limitations. Check your email or search the web with one of your favorite browsers -- Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome -- when you like it and for as long as you like it.

Modern, fully equipped kitchen. Many travelers have concerns when travelling abroad. Concerns that the food will be either expensive (hotel and other restaurants) or not so healthy (fast foods). Staying in a hotel your options really are limited.

Not so with an apartment. In all our apartments in Ljubljana you will have your own fully equipped kitchen, so that you may - if you wish - prepare your own meals with foods brought from supermarkets, grocery stores or a local market place. This can significantly cut your food bill while offering you a chance to enjoy fresh, tasty and healthy meals.

(Ljubljana's central market place is a must visit, especially on Saturdays. Shopping for fresh bakery, vegetables, fruits, sea food products and other delicacies is a social event, very popular with local residents and tourists).

More comfort. Have you ever stayed in a hotel room where heating and A/C system only had three temperature levels? So, wherever you've set it, it was either too hot or too cold (or too noisy)? In all our apartments in Ljubljana you'll find a high quality, easy-to-use heating thermostat and A/C remote with a possibility to set the temperature to 0.5 degree Celsious precisely (0.9 degree Fahrenheit). The temperature in your Ljubljana apartment will always be just right.

Less noise. One of the most frequent complaints of hotel guests is noise. Noise from hotel passages, noise from other rooms, noise from streets and traffic... In all our apartments in Ljubljana sound proof windows and doors have been installed. Enjoy the lively beat of Ljubljana's day and nightlife but shut the noise out when you want to relax in the quiet of your apartment.

Easy bookings. Online reservation and booking process can sometimes get very complicated and time consuming, so we try to keep things simple and short. Just let us know which apartment you would require and when, and we'll get back with you quickly with all information. Booking an apartment or a hotel room should never take more than 10 or 15 minutes - a short phone call or a couple of emails exchanged.

Easy access. Ljubljana is not a big city (by any standards). It will likely take less than 30 minutes from the airport arrival lounge to the doorstep of your apartment... and just 10 minutes if you arrived to Ljubljana with a train or bus. Arriving with a car is just as simple and stress free. We'll give you precise instructions how to reach us and help you arrange transportation if needed.

Personalized tourist service. Our staff is made of experienced and friendly Slovenes who speak fluent English and will be happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding your apartment, the city of Ljubljana, trips around Slovenia or traveling in the region.