Ljubljana Travel Tips

Enjoy our Ljubljana travel tips when you make plans to visit Ljubljana. The first item on your preparation agenda is the arrangement of accommodations. The second one is your travel arrangements to Ljubljana.

Travel to Ljubljana is easy through the International Airport, featuring Adria Airways, just outside of Ljubljana . Easy Jets flies in from London. Shuttles and buses will carry you from the airport to the city center for the best accommodations.

You can also travel to Ljubljana by bus or train. Or you can take a boat, from Venice (only available from April through September). And of course you can drive; if you are traveling to Ljubljana from the UK you will come through France, then Germany and Austria.

Of course, there are many options for your Ljubljana accommodation. If you seebenefits of Ljubljana apartments over hotels you'll have a wide pallet of apartments to choose from. However, the best rentals are the apartments which were renovated and equipped to fit specific needs of travelers, located right in the heart of everything.

The center of the city holds the older buildings, solidly rendered and architecturally significant. The places available on the outskirts of the city were built according to more modern standards.

We recommend the older-style apartments, renovated to fit the needs of travelers. From these you will come to feel the charm of this glowing city, and in each apartment renovation that we have undertaken we have kept in mind the needs and moods of both business travelers and vacationing tourists.

There is something of elegance and ancient beauty in the buildings that were constructed so long ago, and we have worked to preserve that ambience for your pleasure. Many of them were fine, old residences that have been subdivided into apartments; they will add something extra to your stay. The old accoutrements and, where possible, fine woods and rich, deep antique finishes, or-for instance-the ornamentation of a mantel will immerse you into this country's ancient and vivid culture.

In preparing these apartments, we were able to view them with a traveler's eye because we, ourselves, love to travel, and we know from experience what people want when it comes to traveling accommodations. It doesn't matter whether you are in the country for business or pleasure, we know that you hope for a certain standard of provision; and we believe we have succeeded in attaining that. Our "old town" apartments are thoroughly evaluated when we begin to update them.

In order to integrate your needs into our renovations, we have fully equipped and furnished these units comfortably while preserving the apartment's original atmosphere. That is an important reason why your choice of rental will reflect the best in both taste and cost, and our apartments reflect a much, MUCH higher value than you will find in standard rentals. We can offer you equipped kitchens and quaint, picturesque styling. And even in the middle of the city - or in this case, especially in the middle of the city - the views are stupendous.

You will also find wonderful recommendations for recreation while you are here. Because of the city's age, it incorporates several different architectural styles that, surprisingly, work well together. The variety of available activities is amazing.

You will enjoy tasting the many dishes of Slovenia while you visit here. Because we are culturally close with our neighboring countries, you can find dishes that are created Italian-style, or prepared according to Hungarian tradition, as well as many Austrian choices and, of course, a strong Balkan influence.

We also want to provide you with the maximum information you will need to enjoy your travel to Ljubljana. This is a place that is unique among its sister cities. It is small, but it is saturated in historical mythology and legends. Its survival through a long history of varied rulers serves as testament to its integrity. Through its assimilation into the Southern European culture over recent decades, it has relaxed into a politically and socially comfortable environment that will make your stay here memorable. You will want to come back again and again.

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