Ljubljana Vacations

Ljubljana vacations in Slovenia: The Place to Be

This glowing city is the place where you can do it all. What do most tourists and businessmen love about this city? Like smaller cities, it is not so big that you will get lost; but like the largest cities, it offers you a taste of just about everything.

No matter which types of adventures you choose, you will find information on this website about the availability of beautiful, classic-style apartments, renovated and appointed to provide you every convenience. We hope you will be our guest. But let us share with you some great Ljubljana vacations tips first.

Individualized Tours: You can take a tourist train from the city center to the castle daily. This is a quick trip, and trains depart on the hour. Why not combine this with one of the themed walking tours? Perhaps you'd like a guide to escort you around the city to show you its beautiful churches. Or maybe you prefer to walk around and see examples of the Baroque architecture that came into style at the end of the Renaissance period. If you are a devotee of the great poet, France Prešeren, you can walk around the city with someone who will show it to you from his eyes; or, you can choose to view examples of architect Joze Plecnik's work.

Bicycling: The layout of Ljubljana, with the modern buildings on its outskirts and the historical city center, is well suited for bicyclists. You can bike on your own, but for those who prefer there are guides for groups from two to ten in size. A stop at the castle to see the legendary dragon is included! Rental centers also include helmets. Outside of the city you will find trails at all levels of skill, and the scenery makes it worth your while.

Boating: You will find one combined boat and walking tour, in which you travel on foot around the city to see its historical architecture and then take a boat along the Ljubljanica River to admire several of the city's famous bridges. Or, you can opt for all boating and immerse yourself into total relaxation off your feet, riding along the river to see the many sights from that interesting perspective. There are guided and unguided boat rides, and there are also several that are strictly for romance! For something really different, you can arrange with the tourist center for a boat trip to the Ljubljana Marshes-historical ground, considering that people inhabited the marshes as far back as 2000 BC. These days you will find a nature reserve, including many beautiful and rare bird species.

Skiing: With much of Slovenia devoted to forestland, you will find our alps to the north and smaller mountains to the east. You will not be far from the world-class Pohorje and Kranjska Gora ski resorts, which regularly host the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) Alpine Skiing World Cup. There are trails for cross-country enthusiasts, and you can try tobogganing, either day or night time. A little closer to the city you can choose the Krvavec ski resort, convenient to shuttles from Ljubljana. Krvavec also offers a ski school and a place for your children to play. Or you can visit the Stari vrh resort; it is much smaller but does offer lighted night-time skiing.

Golfing: There is Golf Klub Barje, in the suburbs of Ljubljana, with a practice field open from mid-April through mid-October; this is categorized as a club. A second club, Vadbisce, boasts a fine driving range. Golf Igrisce Trnovo is an expansive, 9-hole course open to the public just near the city's southern bypass. The Golf Arboretum, just 20 km outside of Ljubljana, features a charming chalet and offers play for all members of the family.

Balloon: Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? You can do this in Ljubljana, as long as you arrange it with the Tourist Center. You will rise as high as 50 to 1000 meters, and at the conclusion you will celebrate your new adventure with a certificate and a glass of champagne.

Wellness Spa: You must allow yourself a visit to Terme Snovik Thermal Spa, where the waters, rich in magnesium and calcium, have been proved therapeutic. Besides bathing, you can take advantage of massage and sauna treatments, including a snow room in keeping with the Kneipp method of cold hydrotherapy.

Treetop Climbing: A very new attraction is a network of treetop climbing trails in the Tivoli Park. There are challenging courses for the sports enthusiast and easy trails for the little ones if you are traveling with the family.

Dragon Code Tour: Unravel the mystery of the Kazamate brotherhood, an ancient sect that protects a hidden secret. The dragon symbol is all around the city, and you can sign up to learn about the mythological lore surrounding this.

Canyoning and Rafting: Various tours are available for the Ljubljana-based traveler, including cave rafting at the Krizna jama underground caves, the vertical gorge of the Jereka stream, and much much more.

What do you like to do?

Whether you prefer to sit back and view the sights restfully, or if you are a sports enthusiast who wants to explore physical opportunities in a new location, or if you are a patron of art and culture who wants to see the marvels of a place that was a city centuries ago, Ljubljana has something for you.

Make the most of your vacations in Ljubljana

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