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You've looked at the photographs of our beautiful Ljubljana apartment rentals in Krakovo Gardens.  Its modern conveniences blended with many rustic touches make this an accommodation you'll return to again and again.  Let us introduce you to the neighborhood surrounding the apartment. 

Our building is located in the best part of Old Town Ljubljana.  The city is named after the beautiful Ljubljanica, and our apartments put you almost right on this river's lovely banks.  A long, shady, tree-lined walkway winds down among gently rolling terrain to take you there. 
The city's rich history once made the River Ljubljanica a favorite spot for treasure seekers.  Although this practice is now outlawed, its artifacts merited description in a National Geographic article.  Archaeologists and anthropologists have studied thousands of Celtic coins brought up from the river's depths, as well as swords once wielded by Romans and items used in the personal daily lives of its long-ago inhabitants.

Ljubljana Apartment Rentals

Not far from our Ljubljana apartment rentals is the Trnovo Church of St. John the Baptist.  Its construction began in 1854; after a catastrophic earthquake struck the city in 1895 much of it was repaired or rebuilt.  There is a magnificent altar image of the Baptist within the Church.  Legend says that Slovenia's great poet, France Pešeren, met his true love, Julija, at this site, although in truth he died before the Church was completed.  But the marriages of many other lovers have been celebrated here. 

Ljubljana Apartment Rentals

Other features of the Church include a pipe organ constructed in 1864, a wooden Heart of Jesus carving, and several works created by Jozé Plecnik, the internationally known architect who celebrated his beloved country's beauty in lovely examples of aesthetic rustication. 

Ljubljana Apartment Rentals

The bridge that leads to the Church is also the work of Plecnik.  Over 80 years ago, he designed it to serve as a public meeting place in front of the Church.  Its pedestrian and vehicle lanes are separated by graceful birches; this qualifies it as the only known bridge with live trees.  You'll note that the pyramids atop the end posts are among Plecnik's signature designs. 

Old Town Ljubljana is just moments away from our Ljubljana apartment rentals.  You'll appreciate the gracefully curving streets and the marriage of architectural styles, from Romanesque to Baroque Renaissance to Art Nouveau.  There is a wonderful replica of Hercules's Fountain not far from Sticna Mansion.  The fountain is rather new, although it honors a centuries-old original; but the Sticna Mansion, once the home of Cistercian monks, itself dates back to the 1600s. 

You must also see the magnificent Triple Bridge, known as the Tronostojve, originally built as long ago as 1280.  History tells us that it was rebuilt in 1657 after a fire, and the Italian architect Giovanni Picco updated it in 1842.  But it was once again the creativity of Plecnik, who worked tirelessly to renovate his beloved city for years, responsible for updating this bridge to its current-day loveliness. 

There is much else to do in this city!  Ljubljana is a city of history and culture, and you will find numerous events.  Every summer there are many visitors to the Ljubljana Festival, a convergence of artists from widely varied backgrounds.  Whether you love the ballet or opera, or if you want to choose from over 80 musical concerts, there is something for everyone. 

You can start earlier in the season if you wish, with the Summer in Ljubljana Old Town events, which bring together classical musicians amidst a festival ambience. There is also an annual Young Lions International Theatre and Dance Festival, which features many individual and ensemble celebrants of theatre.  Or perhaps the Nights in Ljubljana Old Town events, celebrating the end of summer, will capture your interest. 

With the fall comes Medieval Day, held at Ljubljana Castle, where actors, dancers, and musicians perform as knights and other Middle Ages characters for your entertainment.  And the city is also host to a marathon, run every autumn, 42km and 21km events for both male and female amateur athletes. 

From spring through autumn, you'll find many exhibits of science and biology, from the Aqualutra in the Technical Museum, photographers' displays, or exhibits in the National Museum culled from the depths of the Ljubljanica, as we mentioned above.  And December brings many cultural events. 

As you wend your way back to your comfortable Ljubljana apartment rentals, you can stop at the popular Skof, a restaurant offering comfortable indoor or airy sidewalk café seating.  Skof provides breakfast, lunch, or dinner-excellent cuisine at inexpensive rates-conveniently located right around the corner from the building.  And, of course, there are many other restaurants and cafés in the area. 

Ljubljana Apartment Rentals

All of this is within walking distance of the Ljubljana apartment rentals.  The Old Town "epicenter" is just an easy stroll, five or ten minutes away from you.  The route along the river banks to the Trnovo Church to the Triple Bridge provides the most amazing, romantic, and picturesque scenery you'll find anywhere.  This is a place where you must stay.

Ljubljana Apartment Rentals

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