Ljubljana Airport Transfers
All You Need to Know About Getting To and From Ljubljana Airport

At Fine Ljubljana Apartments we offer you a number of different options for transfers to and from Ljubljana Airport, and to other major cities and airports in the region.

Book your transportation in Slovenia through FLA for a completely hassle-free experience, and the best possible start to your vacation.

We work with reliable partners who provide a professional and punctual service, using knowledgeable and polite drivers who have a good grasp of English.  Most importantly, all our partners are committed to high safety standards and, last but not least, these services are offered at a very affordable prices for FLA guests.


Low-cost shuttle transfer

Where to Go at Ljubljana Airport

Ljubljana Airport, officially known as Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport, is around 28 kilometers (17.5 miles) from the city center. It is the international airport for Ljubljana, yet it’s quite small making it easy to find your way around.

Taxis and shuttle buses are virtually on the doorstep as you exit the arrivals terminal so you don’t have a long walk to get to your preferred transportation. The journey from the airport to the center of Ljubljana usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

Ljubljana Airport Transfers - Your 4 Options

Getting to and from the airport and a vacation rental in Ljubljana, we have four options: shuttle bus, taxi, taxi van and VIP cars.

Shuttle Bus

Often shuttle buses are an affordable option but do not have the same level of convenience as a taxi. Our Ljubljana Airport shuttle bus is both affordable and convenient. It offers:

-          Door to door service, from the airport direct to the apartment.

-          Economical and fast – just 25 to 30 minutes from airport to Ljubljana apartment.

-          Costs just 9 euros per person, one way, with payment direct to the driver. This is the lowest rate for a shuttle         bus at Ljubljana Airport.

-          Shuttle departures are coordinated with flight arrivals so you’ll never have long to wait.

-          We are happy to book the shuttle for our guests – confirmation is fast and goes direct to your email.


Sometimes you may prefer a taxi over a shuttle bus from Ljubljana Airport, and if there are between 1 and 3 people traveling in your party this is still an economical way to travel.

-          Door to door service with no stops for other guests along the way.

-          Costs just 30 euros one way

-          We are happy to book a taxi in advance for our guests – confirmation is fast and goes direct to your email.

-          Other destinations on request.

Taxi Van

Our taxi vans are perfect for larger families or groups traveling together because you pay a fixed price for the taxi van, regardless of how many guests are using it.

-          Perfect for larger groups of between 4 and 8 persons.

-          Costs just 40 euros one way.

-          This means that for 5 passengers or more the price per person is actually cheaper than the Ljubljana Airport       shuttle bus.

-          Door to door service.

-          We are happy to book a taxi van in advance for our guests – confirmation is fast and goes direct to your               email.

-          Other destinations on request.

VIP Cars

Sometimes you may want to arrive to your Ljubljana vacation rental in style, whether it’s to mark the start of a special occasion, or you just want to enjoy some of life’s luxuries. For these special times, a VIP Car from Ljubljana Airport is the best option.

-          Our partners use prestigious car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

-          Our VIP Car service is available 24/7 to fit with your schedule and requirements.

-          Prices are as follows:

                      Ljubljana - Ljubljana Airport -- from 29 eur
                      Ljubljana - Ronchi Airport (Trieste, Italy) -- from 100 eur
                      Ljubljana - Venice Airport (Italy) -- from 200 eur
                      Ljubljana - Zagreb Airport (Croatia) -- from 140 eur

-          Other destinations on request

Flexible Transportation Options

Taxis, taxi vans and VIP cars are not just available for Ljubljana airport transfers. Our preferred partners are very flexible when it comes to taking our guests all over Slovenia and even outside of the country. If you’re flying into or out of an airport other than Ljubljana we can arrange for pick-up or drop off, or if you want to travel onwards following your stay in a Ljubljana apartment, they will even take you so far as Vienna, Dubrovnik, Milan or Budapest, to name a few examples. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

Ljubljana Taxi Services 

Once you’ve arrived at your accommodation in Ljubljana you may want to use taxis to get around. We recommend Ljubljana Taxi Company for the following reasons:

-          They have a large fleet of cars.

-          Wait time is usually around 5 to 7 minutes, anywhere in Ljubljana.

-          They give the best rates on call – starting at 1 euro plus 0,77 euro per kilometre.

-          They also offer child seats, vans for 4+ persons, and better cars on request.

To order a taxi, guests should call +386 31 311 311 or toll free inside Slovenia 080 8294 (TAXI).  They also accept Visa and Mastercard.