Ljubljana Accommodation

Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, there is a place that's perfect for your visit to lovely Ljubljana.  We are an architectural studio based in the city, and we design residential, business, and public buildings.  Our remodeled studio apartment in a conveniently located historic building on a threshold of the old city is likely to please just about everyone. 

This Ljubljana accommodation is known as Krakovo Gardens apartments, and it is located in an area that has become very fashionable.  It was a joy to renovate this building and provide an entirely fresh touch to a place that has seen much history pass through its walls. 

Whether you are looking for Ljubljana accommodation, suitable for the single person traveling alone, for one or two couples, or for a family of four, we are here for you.  We understand the importance of easy access, airiness, modernity, color, and light. 
You will find your apartment fully equipped and immaculate.  We have maximized our design to provide wonderful cabinet space for the dishes and household products that you will wish to use during your stay.  If you choose to use these rather than dining out, let us know and we will recommend the best local marketplace.

Lighting is always modern and generous, with an eye for detail. You will find your apartment equipped with brightly patterned sofa beds with comfortable bright cushions and coordinating area rugs that pull the look together.  You’ll find a living area that is tastefully decorated with artistic foliage displays and photographs on the walls. 

There is closet and other storage space in abundance for your convenience.  Television sets that convert to a personal computer will allow you to get access to your e-mail and the internet and if you bring your laptop, just let us know and we will activate free Wi-Fi service for you.

You will find a wide, comfortable bed -- a comfy place to lay your head, a romantic trysting place for a couple, or a playful hideaway for the children.  And as you’ll see, in our Ljubljana accommodation, we always attempt to preserve the ambience of the historical, rustic buildings.

We understand that you need a bathroom that provides every amenity you might seek.  There are large drying racks convenient for the traveler.  When performing your toilette you'll have all the lighting and mirror presentation you could desire. The temperature will be comfortable at any time of the year, as the apartments are equipped with air conditioning for the summer as well as cozy heat in the winter.

Any worries you have about the facilities can be put to rest.  The furniture has been tested for strength and durability.  We guarantee the cleanliness will be to your satisfaction.  Whenever a guest leaves, the entire apartment is cleaned from top to bottom by our expert maid service. 

In fact, we own several apartments in Ljubljana.  It has been a very fulfilling project for us to restore our Ljubljana accommodation and add our own touches of artistry. Please let us know if you would like information about our other apartments. 

We really like the city of Ljubljana and we often spend hours revisiting our favorite places.  From our apartments, you are no more than a minute away from banks of the River Ljubljana.  You are also very close to the Park Tivoli, which has trees, flowers, and three walkways lined with horse chestnuts, plus an indoor and outdoor pools and a big playground area for children. 

The Ljubljana Castle is right in front of you.  You can hike up the hill, ride a (free) bike or take a tourist train (it starts at Preseren Square/Triple Bridge)  Or, for an extra excitement, enjoy a scenic ride with a glass-wall funicular.   

As fellow travelers we know the difficulty it takes to bring yourself and possibly your loved ones to an unknown city.  That is why we have made every effort to embrace our guests with all the comforts we can think of.  In fact, if you find anything lacking, it is only because we have not thought of it yet -- let us know and if it is possible we will make it available.  

You will also find the people in the neighborhood to be very friendly.  Whether you are visiting the popular Skof restaurant, which is just steps away from your doorway, or one of the local marketplaces, the people everywhere will welcome you with helpful smiles.   Please contact us with any additional questions you might have.  Our Ljubljana accommodation awaits you.

Please click here to read the descriptions and see the photos of our newly renovated and fully equipped studio apartment in Ljubljana.