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Hotels in Ljubljana - A Smart Hotel Alternative

The pictures don't do it justice. The beautiful city is a mixture of medieval architecture and natural beauty given that it's surrounded by the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

While planning a visit to the city is a wonderful idea, make sure you give plenty of thought to where you may want to stay during your visit. There are about ten hotels in Ljubljana but there may be a better choice for your accommodations than staying in a hotel.

Why Ljubljana?

Before we talk about where you can stay in this magical city - the old capital of Slovenia - let's point out some of the amazing things Slovenia and Ljubljana have to offer.

First, you might be surprised to learn that Slovenia is a very modern country. It has been a part of the European Union since 2004 which means it would be the perfect addition to your exploration of Europe or would make a beautiful place for you to stay while visiting other areas of the continent.

While not as well known as Germany or France, Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the area and is probably one of the best kept secrets of Europe.

Second, Ljubljana has a long history. Thousands of years ago, Ljubljana was a Roman city. You can still see some of the remnants of that ancient place around the city today. Plus, you can see examples of the beautiful architecture from throughout many different time periods and eras just by strolling through the city of Ljubljana.

Third, you'll have plenty of wonderful things to enjoy seeing while you're in the city. You can take the tourist train to the Ljubljana Castle and explore that beautiful piece of architecture. From on top of the hill, you'll also have a phenomenal view of the entire city and even of many of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia.

Accommodations in Ljubljana

When you visit Ljubljana, you'll find lots of wonderful choices in accommodations. While there are some great hotels available, you may want to consider an alternative: an apartment. Throughout the city, including in the heart of the city near the beautiful Ljubljana River, you can find some lovely restored apartments that are for rent by the week or by the month.

There are many good reasons to choose one of these apartments over a traditional hotel. While hotels are created to meet the general needs of all travelers, we have created the apartments to meet the different needs of different types of travelers.

For example, if you are traveling to Ljubljana on business, you may have very different needs than a honeymoon couple or a family or even a retired couple seeing the world. Because our operation is smaller, we can provide more personalized service and can accommodate your specific needs and expectations.

Plus, staying in one of our apartments instead of one of the hotels in Ljubljana is going to make you feel more at home in the city. You'll be able to relax and enjoy your stay without feeling overwhelmed by the stuffiness of the hotels in Ljubljana. You'll feel as if you have found a home away from home.

Each of our Ljubljana apartments is fully furnished in a modern style to match the apartment itself. You'll have all of the comforts of your home while also being a window view away from the beautiful city of Ljubljana. In most cases, you'll be within walking distance of some of the most wonderful restaurants and attractions the city has to offer. And don't miss a walk by the river at night when everything is lit up in the most spectacular way.

You'll love everything you see in our beautiful city. By choosing to stay in one of our Ljubljana apartments, you will find many reasons to adore the city and the country of Slovenia. We can't wait to welcome you here and to help you explore everything that is wonderful about this historic place.

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